No Corpse in this Cellar

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Well, well, well, well…another semester has come and gone. I have just turned in my last final and I could not be happier to have this set of classes officially finished.

Now I’m going to go eat and watch television until I fall asleep. Then maybe I’ll clean my room. 

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Mark Gatiss on the Private Life of Sherlock Holmes and Billy Wilder movies.

Wanna know why this is so awesome? Look at that!

But also hilarious because of how that line is used in Some Like it Hot. Damn, that was a good comeback. 

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Building tables all night for this last final. Damn it. Tedium beyond tedium. 

Even though this is something I usually enjoy doing, I am just so ~done with finals and this semester, that the actual doing of this has become a small nightmare. 

Annoyance level: Malcolm Tucker

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