No Corpse in this Cellar

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Homemade chilaquiles with lots and lots of melted cheese and salsa, the good tea that I reserve for special days, eaten in bed while Stephen Fry teaches me delightful facts on QI after having slept for an extra two hours….

Today is good. 

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The scene in which I confess to them is invented, imagined. And, in fact, could never have happened… .because Robbie Turner died of septicaemia at Bray Dunes on the first of June 1940, the last day of the evacuation…and I was never able to put things right with my sister Cecilia….because she was killed on the 15th of October, 1940 by the bomb that destroyed the gas and water mains above Balham tube station.

I remember the first time I saw this (I hadn’t read the book) and I was both really sad for the characters and really pleased at how clever this particular revelation was at changing the entire set up and understanding of the story. 

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